As those who use the excellent GP32 port of Frodo know, due to its source material it isn't the most compatible of C64 emulators and often a title will crash not because of the game itself but the way its been hacked. Therefore you can find that whilst one version of a game fails to work, another works fine.

This site's aim is to get GP32 owners to band together to organise a repository of our favourite games that we know are Frodo friendly.Displayed on this site are the names of the games weve got a working version of ready to share as well as those we have not. If you have a working version of one of these let us know and it can be added for everyone to benefit from!

Alternatively download a Dat that will scan your private C64 collection and mark out the games.

Were not trying to get every C64 game ever made working but the classics: the best and most well known games made by the major software houses. No games can be downloaded from this website however iIf you want to know more ;) please email the team. Equally, if the wanted list is missing one of your own favourites post a request on our C64 Games requests board and it will be added.


30th April 2004
First draft of this website completed. Working list uploaded containing over 350 games.

2nd May 2004
C64 Games Request Board implemented.

3rd May 2004
Gp32Frodo Dat Version 0.1 uploaded. Wanted List uploaded.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with Commodore, GamePark, or the authors of Frodo